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Dont Know Your Ring Size??? Two Quick and Easy DIY Steps that only takes a minute



The joy of online shopping is finding that special item that won't be found in physical retail outlets. Normally in a shop we are accustomed to using our senses like looking ,feeling, touching, trying on, comparing it to another and, if you are a woman, most likely asking a friend or a sales assistant what they think.

We are cut off from this feedback when we are shopping online. When it comes to buying clothes or jewellery our first instinct is to try it on.

So what do you do when you have found that special ring online and you can't try it on. "Will it fit?", you ask yourself. You're thinking, "It's quite pricey so I don't want to make a mistake!"

Let me Share Two Super Quick and Easy "Do it Yourself Methods" that can be done wherever you are.

.Measure your ring accurately image


1. Quick and Easy : The String Method


This is easily explained with the use of these 2 images below:-

Converting this method to your ring size will be discussed further down the page.


2. Easy but takes longer: Paper Drawn Method

The benefit of this method is that it is reusable, and can be used to measure multiple finger sizes.

These two methods are useful if you are shopping online in the comfort of your own home and it's  2 am in the morning and you need to decide there and then whether to make the purchase.

For some of us the above two methods may seem like too much bother., I recommend if you are a lover of rings and wear rings on more than just your ring finger that it would be wise to find out what size your various fingers are in advance by popping into a jeweller, who will be able to quick, easily and accurately measure all the fingers you need sizes for.

If you like the idea of "Stacking" which has become very popular, then this would also be much easier.

I learnt the hard way that as you gain weight or lose weight your ring size changes. This might seem obvious right? Except we expect it to be a lot of of weight gain. Fluid retention is something we women also get used to. It is therefore a good idea to measure your finger during a warmer time of the day and not first thing in the morning to ensure a more accurate measurement.

Width of the ring: 

The broader the ring the bigger the size is needed. In my experience the difference between a thinner band and a much broader band increases my ring size from a size 8 to 81/2 to fit properly.


Good news. For a very small fee that special ring you've seen, The one "YOU MUST HAVE" and desperately want, can be resized for the perfect fit at any nearby jeweller. This can be taken in personally or some Sellers can have it done for you before shipping takes place.

It is important to know which rings can be resized, Pure gold and Solid .925 Sterling Silver can be resized, however any ring that has an overlay/electro plating of the above cannot be resized. It does not mean that it is poor quality, but a coating of .925 Sterling silver over a core metal cannot be resized.

Therefore, if you are buying a ring that you want to have resized, make sure that you read the description of the item carefully or check with the Seller first before placing your order.


Below you will find a Ring Size Chart that starts from a Size 3 - 13.5.  


Happy shopping! 

We would love to have you pop in to see our wonderful collections that will both tempt and delight your senses.

See You soon!





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    I Think your site is tops. Well done . I will definitly be shopping on this site and will highly recommend you to friends and family . Shalom shalom

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