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Chalcedony, or calcedony, is a fine-grained variety of the silica mineral quartz. It has a waxy luster and appears in a great variety of colors - usually blue-white, buff, light tan, gray, yellow or brown. Chalcedony is named after the ancient seaport of Chalcedon (Kadikoy, Turkey). Archaeologists have dug up Babylonian and Assyrian chalcedony cylinder-seals dating from 500 BC. Common forms of chalcedony include agate, bloodstone, jasper, and onyx.

 Folklore, Legend, and Healing Properties: 

Native American Indians believed chalcedony was a sacred stone and used in the spiritual ceremonies of the tribe.It is thought to increase vitality, stamina, and endurance and to promote emotional balance and charity while relieving melancholy, fever, gallstones, and eye problems.


Is chalcedony a gemstone?
The Gemstone Chalcedony. Chalcedony is the form of Quartz that is compact and microcrystalline. It occurs in many different forms, colors, and patterns, and many varieties have been used as gemstones since antiquity.


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