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Mystic Topaz

The U.S.-patented process binds titanium atoms directly to the stone, which gives it an iridescent and kaleidoscopic quality

Mystic topaz is a comparatively recent development in treated topaz that first appeared sometime around 1998. The coloration of the stone does not occur naturally but through a process in which very thin layers of titanium are applied to clear topaz. The result is a rainbow stone featuring very deep greens and purples.

Although mystic fire topaz is relatively new, the topaz gem has been popular in many cultures for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians venerated the stone, and topaz can be found in many regions all over the world. Its popularity is due to its hardness as well as its clarity. Not nearly as expensive as diamonds, topaz is often used as a less expensive substitute, and it has gained popularity as the setting in engagement rings. Larger topaz stones have deeper colours and greater colour variations than smaller stones. While greens and purples have been strongly associated with mystic topaz, new colour choices include Java Blue and Mercury Mist.


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