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New Gemstone Discovery -Uncovered In Africa


Aquaprase is a brand new discovery brought to us by the world famous Gem Explorer Yianni Melas, a man who is said to have sourced more rough gemstones than anyone else on the planet

"Of all of the rough gemstones I have sourced, this gemstone is the most charismatic. It has every attribute one could wish for – natural, beautiful, unique, rare but the magic of this stone is its story." - Yianni Melas

The exact location of this intense blue/ green miracle is a closely guarded secret due to the level of interest from other iconic big name jewellery brands; all that we can disclose is that it is a fledgling tiny operation deep in the African bush.

 Every single piece of Aquaprase is undeniably unique. all possess the colours that are symbolic of the planet we live on. Vibrant turquoise blues, rich indulgent chocolate tones and an awe-inspiring aqueous body colour. 

This Collection is stocked locally in South Africa

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