Courier Shipping is our Preferred Method for Both International And Domestic Orders SAFE -SECURE and FAST

Gloves and Scarves, Selected Clothing From International Warehouse and South Africa

A small collection of gloves and scarves, socks and other winter warmers from our International Warehouse and a few Gloves from S.A.

A very small selection of clothing for women will be added over time

This is an imported item, ordered directly from the manufacturer 

Delivery time from order  South Africa 35-40 days    International: 30 - 35 days

Delivery method:

South Africa  - Courier to your door charged at checkout 

International orders: Free Delivery via your Local Postal Services                                                                                                     

    This ships from our international warehouse located outside of South Africa 


    Delivery may be sooner than stipulated time above. Above timeline has been extended for possible delays at customs- however it normally takes +/-3-4 weeks