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What We Offer

It is our pleasure to present you with our collection of beautiful and amazingly affordable gemstone jewellery that we have sourced for you from all around the world.

Buying directly from the manufacturer allows us to pass on significant savings to you that would normally cost at least 300% more from most jewellery stores.

Our Fine Jewellery Range consists of natural gemstones set in Solid Sterling silver.

Our more affordable Fashion Jewellery Range boasts both natural or enhanced, simulated or created faceted stones set in an overlay of hallmarked .925 Sterling Silver over a core jewellers metal.

Each piece is unique and one of a kind. If you like what you see and miss it there will not be another like it for sale. 

This jewellery is best and easily cleaned and looked after with a Silver jewellery polishing cloth.

 Speak to us to obtain a good cloth that is not too expensive.


We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa

The Map belows shows where in the world we source our gemstones and jewellery from.