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About Us

With a love for all things beautiful my journey began in 2010 with selling jewellery and other pretty items on bidorbuy. 
It was only natural that the next step resulted in the launch of Belladonna Gems and Silver Jewellery as a new venture in 2017.
Proudly 99.9 % positive ratings from buyers  have been maintained on both websites. 
Our Facebook shop facilitates easy shopping while chatting to friends and family.
There is so much more to come, so stick with us as we grow our brand as there are many exciting developments to be implemented over time at Belladonna. 

The Big Why ?

Women have been adorning themselves with decorations from the time we lived in caves using animal bones and wood. Thankfully we no longer need to stick a bone through our nose but instead have an endless choice of colour and style to express ourselves with.

With the beautiful materials nature provides, the artistic skill and expression of man, and the influence of cultures on design, beautiful inspired pieces are brought to life.

Our Motto
Be the Best "You" Everyday

"Look" Good and "Feel" Beautiful 

I have the pleasure of facilitating women around the world to look beautiful and feel good about themselves by lavishing them with a choice of gorgeous jewels from around the world that are affordable for all  income levels. 

There is no doubt in my mind that regardless of age, whether young or old, when you look good, you feel good. You have an extra pep in your step and believe me everyone notices. Who doesn't love the compliments that come your way when people say, "You look lovely today" or "I just love that gorgeous pendant you're wearing, where did you get it?"

Having said all this I have not forgotten about the men who like to feel and look good too, and for the women who love to spoil them. A collection of mens chains, rings, watches and wallets are also available at Belladonna.


1. Never leave a customer unhappy, and rather over deliver than under deliver.

2. Excellent value for money and unique quality products.

3. A service that is friendly, professional that will delight you!


1. Complete honest and transparent business ethics and practices.

2. Every person I come into contact with is treated with respect .

3. Unparalleled Passion in everything I do, with an element of having fun everyday.

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I hope you enjoy the various collections / categories that I've sourced to help make every woman both "young and old" feel and look her best.

If you have any suggestions or ideas of what else you would like to see on this website, drop us a line via the suggestion box on the home page.

Wishing You Many Happy Shopping Hours
Noelleen and Team

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